Featured Supplier: WildFolk - Homegrown, Organic and Seasonal Wedding Flowers

Eco-friendly weddings, using sustainable materials and environmentally focussed suppliers is becoming more and more popular with today’s brides and grooms. So when Natalie reached out to me I just had to learn more about her new venture and I think you will too! I grew some of my own flowers for my wedding reception back in 2009 - hundreds of sweet peas that we put in little jam jars, so Natalie’s business really spoke to me.

WildFolk is the home of Norwich-grown organic, seasonal flowers. Most if not all high street flowers are grown in artificial, chemical environments – they never see soil let alone a field, Natalie tells me. This is where WildFolk is a little different:

WildFolk gives nature a home.

WildFolk Norfolk

Grower Natalie uses companion planting and natural predators to avoid using chemicals.

Here’s an extract from her blog:

At first everything I grew disappeared. I put out slug traps - yoghurt pots full of beer - and was dismayed when they filled up with hornets and beetles. Then I found a gigantic toad. Worrying that I’d cut off her mating route to the river, I dug her a wildlife pond. Within months the plot was hopping with frogs and toads, natural slug killers. Now even tulips and delphiniums are happy and I don’t have to do anything! Bees have moved into the derelict barn and the plot is totally alive with nature. 

“If you build it, they will come.” 

(Favourite Wayne’s World quote. They stole it from Noah with the ark).

Natalie spent much of 2018 experimenting with growing methods and working with a handful clients. Her arrangements reflect her desire to work in harmony with nature – they are full of texture and movement and appear gathered from the garden. They often feature foraged flowers and foliage, items that you wouldn’t find in a high-street florist arrangement.

And her fans are growing by the number…

“Having admired WildFolk on Instagram, I rather randomly messaged Natalie asking if she would make me a sympathy bouquet in a relatively short time-frame. She was utterly delightful and accommodating and the flowers were duly produced. I was touched by how her flowers conveyed a sense of delicacy by incorporating tiny wild blooms and foliage, seed heads and grasses. I was thrilled with her work and think she’s very talented. I will definitely be buying more flowers in the future (with a longer lead time).”

Tutor at the University of East Anglia

“Babes I literally cannot believe you grew these flowers. They are the best thing I have ever come home to and it’s inspired me to spruce up the house and take lots of pics. I can’t wait till my next delivery.”

Owner of Norwich bar

Natalie sources her print supplies, packaging and ribbons from local, environmentally friendly businesses. She never uses plastic - floral foam or floral tape - in her arrangements.

In 2019, forward-thinking WildFolk brides are enjoying her wedding flowers at exciting venues in Norfolk such as The Flint Rooms and Voewood. As WildFolk is a new business there is availability for 2019 brides but you’ll have to be quick!

Natalie will travel further afield to Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, East London and Essex where possible and deliver sympathy and birthday bouquets to homes in Norwich. She is part of the British members group Flowers From the Farm and will work with these growers to ensure she can meet demand.

Brides further afield can enjoy her dried flower accessories and bouquets, which are made to order.

Natalie writes a blog on her website that features growing advise and ideas for eco projects to do with children. Please go and check it out and learn more about her work at:


Insta - @wild_flowersnor_folk

Facebook - @wildflowersnorfolk

Twitter - @wildFolk1

WildFolk Norfolk